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Millennials are Your Future – 5 Ways to Embrace Them

by Kevin Robert Crone

November 27, 2014

Young people are our greatest asset and the future you, your competitors and your customers are going to rely on.

Treated right, they are inspired, motivated and great team contributors that can be courageous and bold, bringing new insights and skills to your toughest challenges.

Ben Molfetta the co- founder of Core Online Marketing, gives us some great insights into how his company gains their competitive advantage through millennials.

He believes his route to success is through hiring young people who are well versed in social media, enthusiastic, and passionate about how they are making an impact internally, and externally. Then building a strategic framework that helps young people understand that their work and development is both critical and valued.

He believes the greatest contribution you can make is to set: high, tough, demanding, and contributory goals that they do not believe they can make, and then support them to get there.

The loyalty and creativity that will transpire and the skills they demonstrate will be rewarding to both them and you.

Never let them fear technology. Technology adaptability and global experience will be two of the trademarks of our best future leaders.

5 Ways to Embrace this Generation:
1.    Treat them as a team and give the team a big juicy goal that they believe will make a difference to: themselves, the team, the company or the community.

2.    Give them the goal line – and the starting position. Don’t tell them how to get there – use your best Socratic self and ask them questions such as: Here is the goal, let’s each take five minutes in silence and map out the steps we might want to use to get there. What knowledge do we need, what skills, what resources? Then leave.

3.    Paint the picture of success vibrantly. When you return in five minutes, it might be a motivating idea to ask them what achieving the goal will give them, the team, the company, the community. Paint it bright and cheery, stretching their answers to give them a brighter future to live into.

4.    Listen, nudge, encourage and question. Listen to the answers they have each prepared – let them choose a team tracker to capture their ideas and have the tracker summarize regularly throughout the meeting. Build on their ideas, acknowledging their contributions. Once we have identified the knowledge, skills, and resources, then send them on a scavenger hunt – how will they achieve each, how will they divide the work? In what order should they proceed. What are their measurements of accomplishment? Measurements of accomplishment are not KPI’s. KPI’s seem to make a person right or wrong, a success or failure. At this point you may find it more emotionally rewarding to focus on giving them successes. Once they have clearly articulated what they need and how they are going to get there, it might be a good idea to encourage them to individually go to someone they respect within the organization to get their thinking. This will start a culture of mentoring throughout the company. Of course, you first need to speak to the people they have identified to set them up to be their best self when asked.

5.    Reward success collectively along the way.  Millennials need constant feedback, both good and corrective. That feeling of self-worth and assurance is what retains interest and accelerates development. The world is moving faster than ever and we need to enable our teams to succeed fast and leave room to fail faster. We are not good at failing without shame, but if we are to succeed in the future, we need to help our teams understand the difference between failing in a manner where shame should be attached and where it is simply learning. Failure does not mean lowering the bar, it means re-setting it and finding another path to success.

Young people are a critical part of how companies are to progress in this new age of technology. It is our responsibility to learn how to best use this valuable resource. Too often we allow it to be used for too small a goal and don’t give it the support it needs.

Ben Molfetta is a great leader that has focused on maximizing success with young millennials. To hear his insights in his own words click here. I think you will be inspired.

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Best Success!

Kevin R. Crone, President, Dale Carnegie Training®
Founder of Accelerated Talent Development, Performance and Profits.
Contact me at 905-826-7300 x 328 or  krcrone@dalecarnegie.ca


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