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Marketing Hasn’t Been Producing

by Kevin D. Crone

May 5, 2014

They are called soft leads. Today’s marketing that focuses only on creating awareness in the marketplace, building brand as they say, hasn’t produced at the rate that is needed to recover from our worldwide slow down.  It is expensive and isn’t easily measured.

The small community of companies I am working with have learned to connect sales and marketing in their effort to identify, find and match up their offering with targeted customers and are continually adjusting to changing customer motives so they can keep them.  They aren’t overly caught up with having all the latest internet and social tools because they realize if you don’t know your customers motives, their issues in competing – tools won’t matter that much.  That is broadcasting. Only very large companies can afford to throw all kinds of money at creating mind-share for their teams to exploit.

What is needed is narrowcasting.

Today’s owners and CFOs expect more than soft leads.  Today’s sales/marketing leadership is about creating new ways to go to the market with relevance. Relevance equals value. Relevance is what is demanded in an over-informed market.

How do you know what is relevant and valuable?  

60% comes from listening to the customer’s real voice; 20% from their experience and perception; and 20% from data, articles, and industry information.

What is going on in your markets? What is your customers’ wants, needs, and motives? What are your customers’ issues in being able to compete?  Does your offering and messaging match up?

If it is possible for you to answer these questions objectively and you are willing to suspend your biases, then you can get it all with a more narrowcast campaign that can be measured and constantly changed for its impact.  You can measure the number of reachable prospects against the number of inquiries, number of first meetings, number of proposals, number of sales, meetings to reach ratio, closing ratio, conversion rate, acquisition cost, cost per contract, cost per click, cost per meeting, profit results and ROI.

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Marketing and sales must work together and be tied to a specific campaign in order for the business to be designed to find new growth, bigger deals and to become a cash flow machine again. This machine must be looked after, improved and run continually or, like any machine, it will stop working .  It means key people must be engaged in a system that causes continuous new thoughts on how to help customers succeed.

No longer can marketing operate on its own. The leadership brings them together forever. It becomes the way you daily do business and it isn’t just how you act when you do some annual swat analysis event.  It is about leveraging what made you successful, climbing the tree, seeing what is going on and rethinking and adapting to the market.

This thinking costs little and engaging a team in a view of what you can do to make your customers successful, just takes leadership skills. All of the above is more important than cash.

“There is nothing a man won’t do to avoid the difficult task of thinking.”  
~ Thomas Edison  

Unfortunately, Edison was right, and few business managers are objective enough to see truths, to envision possibilities and rethink what has to be done. They usually are product focused and caught up in the past. Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Too many operational problems, mental models and daily demands take over and few in management actually take the time to do this or over delegate it, or have a process to get this done quickly.

In my world of putting teams through this important work, momentum is everything in the marketplace . If it isn’t done, your competition is going to eat your lunch, have you pay the bill and make you look bad in front of all the patrons.  (Got carried away, but you know what I mean.)

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Do you want to double your business? Of course you do! I suggest you double your commitment to think through the business, your offering, messaging, and not just be in the business of operating in it day to day.

Find a process that brings your marketing, sales and management team to a new perspective, new innovative actions and sales campaigns that continually produce. Find a process that prepares your salespeople to take the hill, armed with weapons that are more advanced than your competition has to take more sales.

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Chairman, Dale Carnegie Business Group
kdcrone@dalecarnegie.ca or 905-826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

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