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Making a List of Things ‘To Do’ is Not Setting Goals

by Kevin D. Crone

October 5, 2016

We often confuse the busyness of today with how to create a good life or a better business. Yes, we’d better work hard, stay focused, do the tough things first, have our lists and get at them until the sun goes down.

What’s more important is: Where are we going?

What does our business need to do to grow – to get there?  Where do we need to grow? What goals do we need to work towards? All of this is about advancing toward where we need to go. Life doesn’t stand still. If we don’t watch it, it flies by.

If we don’t constantly set new goals, we are, without realizing it, staying in the same place.

Can you be swallowed up in busy activities and forget goals? Of course, who doesn’t? Can we forget what’s important and get lost? For sure. Do we forget to implement actions from the plans we made? Of course, we can be victims of seeing intentions as commitments.

Despite all that, can we grow? Of course we can, we’re not a tree.  We can rethink, reset and start again.  Above all, we can’t forget to start again.   Whether it’s to eat better, exercise, influence more effectively, sell better, be more courageous, delegate and lead more, whether it’s personal or business, we can reset and start again.

For example:

– Drag out an old naturopath or doctor’s report and really read it. Then begin again.

– Look at notes from a previous seminar, course or coaching session you had.  How much of it is still relevant? What needs to change?

– Look at business plans from the last few years. What didn’t change?  What didn’t your team act on? What occurs to you now? What can you do?

– Look at your personal plans – what has changed? What needs attention?

Without new goals, we trap ourselves in the past and force ourselves to be reactionary and limited thinkers. We become ‘human doers’, not creative human beings.




So, do whatever it takes. Sit on the floor going through old files, talk to your people, and your customers to see what’s going on. Determine what needs attention. Where do we need to grow? Then be different. Give 10 minutes every day to remind yourself of your goals, your priorities, your actions, and your to-do lists. Then fly through the day because you know where you’re going. Will everything work? Of course not. The world isn’t made just for us.  It doesn’t turn out exactly as planned but it does turn out.

We aren’t sissies. We move on. We determine what happened and what’s next. Rethinking and resetting goals can really help to create the life and business you want.

They say people are creatures of habit. The worst habit can be not constantly restating goals.

What struck home this morning for you?

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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