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Lead the Conversation

by Kevin D. Crone

November 3, 2014
Good morning.  And it is a good morning because we live in such a peaceful, friendly, courteous, and respectful place.  Yes, the events in Ottawa a couple weeks ago shook us all when a young soldier/father was gunned down.



It is so sad. We aren’t used to terrorism, guns and such outrageous acts.  And that’s a great thing about Canada. We don’t expect these things. We’re free to come and go. We can play Frisbee on the front lawn of our parliament buildings. We aren’t a stressed out, paranoid, fearful nation.   Our families, businesses, jobs and communities are mainly on our minds.  Our thinking makes our life what it is.  We care. We love our country.  We love our lifestyle. Let’s not let any bullies or sick zealots take away what means the most to us.


This doesn’t mean we are patsies.  Ten percent of our population fought in the first and second world wars and did us proud.  We don’t take guff from anyone.  The world knows not to go in the corners with our hockey players or our military. We have quiet grit. Yet we are respectful of others. We might firm up our security, but we won’t let any zealots change us.  This isn’t a manufactured movie that plays on our emotions. Who we are is, in reality, who we are. What we have created.

As in any culture, it can be invisible to those in it. It has to be uncovered and realized and talked about.  A culture then is what is being talked about.   If anything, I think as a result of those events, we will begin to appreciate Canada and notice even more who we are.   We will appreciate our military and those who look after us.  We will be better Canadians.  We will knowingly create the meaning of being a Canadian.

Just a few weeks ago, I was telling a neighbour and friend, Ron, when we were out to dinner, that, for some reason, I have been noticing just how terrific our neighbours, friends, people in our community of Burlington really are.  They’re really nice people.  I said “I don’t know if it’s just in Burlington I’m experiencing this, but, after a little thought, we both said, nah, it’s that way all across our great nation.”   And because I have been noticing, I will now expect to see that behaviour even more. I’ll be more that way myself.  That’s how our minds, hearts and souls work.   Seek and you will find it.

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Let’s look for what we are about. Let’s notice the wonderful society we’ve created. Let’s not do it for our egos or to brag, but to respect.  This isn’t about being better than some other nation. We’re not kids in school.  Let’s care more.  Let’s support more.  I’m sure you didn’t have to read this to get it.  You are it.   How about creating this conversation with others rather than how afraid we might be now?

Let’s support the military and especially the Argyles and Sutherland regiment in Hamilton.  Let’s be proud of what we have and commit to keeping it that way.

Lead the conversation.  


Have another great week.  Expect it.  We deserve what we create in our life.  We deserve wonderful Canada.

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

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