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Just Keep Swimming

by Kevin D. Crone

November 28, 2016

Many years ago, I remember saying to my young son, after he had a bad day, “It really doesn’t matter”. I repeated, “It really doesn’t matter”. As a father I was concerned about how he was affected by disappointment, things going bad as they sometimes will, and how he would handle it in the future.

After years in my business of coaching business teams and individuals, I see the impact of looking bad at times to others, how we can take things so seriously, how our confidence and spirit can be sapped, how we can lose our childlike enthusiasm for our goals. Failing or losing and/or making mistakes can really hurt for a long time.

As I look back at running and building an organization for 45 years, it’s clear to me that all of us need to accept the reality of life as well as our dreams.  Most of the things we’re concerned with really don’t matter in the long haul. Acceptance of our differences in relationships; acceptance that we’re going to stumble, make bad decisions from time to time; acceptance that we can dig in, start again,  breathe in, breathe out and move on. The truth is that most people aren’t really thinking about us or how we look, so spending time worrying about that doesn’t matter much.

Being yourself is important. It sets you free to excel at something you like. As you get on in life you will have to accept ingratitude, and criticism and not get too down or angry. The alternative is to get hardened, insensitive and/or mistrusting and fearful. It’s tough trying to be a giving, positive person to customers, employees or our team when our attitude gets that way. It becomes tougher trying to have a happy, fulfilling life when you’re struggling with your attitude.

Acceptance is the key. Then re-adjust your attitude after every tough time. The best way to do that is to give yourself a pep talk. It could simply be to:

  • Remind yourself of what you’re grateful for. (Count your blessings and not your troubles).
  • Remind yourself of what you’re trying to do in your life, career or business.
  • Add up your strengths and reset your goals and priorities.

Your attitude makes heaven of hell or hell of heaven. It’s up to you.

Most successful people I know make comebacks. You can never count them out. They win some and lose some, and overall have a good life.

No one can count you out, only you can.




I suggest you practice acceptance by giving yourself pep talks and resetting your goals, not just for this week but forever. This practice will keep you in an attitude that will allow you to seize opportunities, take coaching and training, let new ideas in, strive on, move on and be productive. Live more in the moment; appreciate it while you are creating the life you want.

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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