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It Appears That No One is Interested

by Kevin D. Crone

May 4, 2015

I just watched a series of episodes done by medical doctors on the truth about cancer. My wife emailed it to me from Florida. She was so excited about what she learned about our health from watching it, that she tried to get me to promise to watch. I really didn’t want to. I’ve watched other stuff from American doctors trying to sell me stuff (reports, medications, etc.). So I expected the same and I was skeptical about the same old subject.blog_viewpost_thumbnail_2

While watching the Blue Jays on television, I picked up my iPad and played the first episode. For an hour, I was educated by reputable people. I went on to other episodes and, like my wife, am excited and grateful to these doctors for trying to genuinely help me with my health.

It occurred to me that cancer fighting is a trillion dollar business and, by definition, that means businesses and drug (chemical) companies and vitamin companies are pushing their stuff, and the bureaucratic professionals, unions, administrators, etc. are pushing their agendas. Then who is genuinely interested in the customer or even the patient? Who is really helping teach and educate people the truth about our bodies and what we need to do to be healthy – rather than pushing their stuff or agenda?

Think of it… I wasn’t even interested in finding out about the number one epidemic killer that gets 2 out of 3 men and 1 out of 3 women. Strange, eh? My son, Kevin Robert, calls it “The apathetic, get by today syndrome.”

We seem to put off a lot of things, pre-judge them and miss the more important messages that could impact us and our lives.

No wonder potential customers of our businesses are not that interested in hearing much about anything. Maybe there’s too much readily available information. People think they’ve heard it all before or can always get to it at another time. They don’t trust and are often apathetic.

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My point: To grow our businesses, our teams, or ourselves, we need to be totally engaged in the subject of what we can do to help our customers succeed. Just like the organization was when it was founded. Hire like-minded, interested people. Engage them in the work. We all have commercial venues and must bring in revenues. We’re all pedalling something. Let’s remind ourselves that no one is interested in us or our products…

They’re interested in their problems and issues.

Get your customers’ attention and engage them. Talk to them about their problems and issues and then you will be able to understand how to genuinely help them. That’s how to make your products and services more relevant.

This concept is tough on product peddlers and order-taking salespeople, or traditional marketers. I’ve seen first-hand how their reality seems invisible to them. They listen only to figure out how to peddle their stuff. They usually talk about themselves, their products or their services. This isn’t working like it used too.

Today, it’s difficult for customers to determine what they need.

Impact your team’s orientation to be genuinely interested in clients – beyond traditional selling or marketing techniques, and help your customers see the truth about what will work in helping them succeed…. and then you increase your chances to succeed.

Kevin D. Crone
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