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How to Make Choices that Better Design your Life

by Kevin D. Crone

February 13, 2017
seasons changing

Good Monday Morning. During the dog days of winter, it’s easy to feel like life is about toughing it out until things get better. Well it’s true! The weather does get better. Spring, summer and fall always come. That doesn’t change. Life has a similar, but different twist.

The difference in life is that you can sometimes make choices that better design your life. Of course, you can work to get by, wait it out, or choose to design a life, career, or business that you want. When you redesign your life, it’s like planting in the spring, weeding out the barriers in the summer and harvesting the results in the fall. The winter, to me, is when we get bogged down. We’re on “Groundhog Day” repeat – the same problems, lack of progress and a little frustration and discouragement. We can get lost. We tend to think a bit too negatively and we sometimes make the wrong choices. New results or progress rarely happen.
The question is – do you want to wait everything out and stay in Groundhog Days or get planting and reap the life you want? It’s possible to recreate the next two years and set yourself, your career and/or business up for a long time. I know, long time views are tough to believe in any more because of rapid changes in the social and economic world we live in. And it’s going to happen more rapidly. The long term change I mean is more about having a new philosophy, perspective and developing the behaviours and attitudes to carry them into a new reality and new results.

The philosophy, perspective, behaviours and attitudes I’m talking about, allows us to:

  • respond to and create change even better
  • operate with less people conflict in our lives and teams
  • see trends and learn what’s needed by our customers and team
  • lead more effectively so people can move forward on what is required
  • listen without jumping in with our opinions too quickly, actually allow possibilities into our mind so that they can lead to innovative ideas and actions
  • be less judgemental in our listening so that momentum on those ideas can flourish
  • inspiration in our communications
  • have impact when we do speak
  • exude a genuine enthusiasm for what’s going on
  • manage our attitude everyday, especially our fears and worry

What it takes to do this is that sometimes dreaded word DISCIPLINE. One of my old mentors, Robert Fritz says, “Anything that doesn’t come naturally takes discipline.” With every discipline there are multiple rewards. Without the discipline of paying attention, we wind up taking things for granted. As the great mentor Jim Rohn said, “Be serious, life is not a practice session. If you sow, you will reap well.”

A Philosophy : Render great service, care, be patient with others, let your actions take the time needed, be honest and real, stay true to your inner code and the way you should deal with others. Give more. Expect more. So there is no inner confusion, be sure your thoughts are congruent. Catch yourself when they aren’t. Get back to your philosophy and who you are.

Actions – Behaviours:

  1. Make sure you write cards, send notes or call customers, family, old friends, thanking them, encouraging them, be interested in them. Make sure you book time for your associates, your spouse, children, and grandchildren. My good friend Mike Norman fills his calendar with those kinds of appointments. You can either be an example of how to live a life or be a living warning of how not to do so.
  2. Neglect discipline and there is a price to pay. Don’t wait for some Monday Morning Mentor to tell you about something you already know.
  3. What redesign do you want? What are the actions/behaviours needed?

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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