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How to Create a Merry Christmas

by Kevin D. Crone

December 22, 2015
Holiday - Christmas Tree

Christmas is a magical time. And a little Christmas spirit is just what we need in these challenging times. Too often in business, we remain at a distance from that important magic, but when we do connect with it, we awaken to what’s really important… treating family, friends, employees, and team members well, and making them happy.

The Big Secret of Dealing with People

“The desire to be important and appreciated is the deepest urge in human nature,” Dale Carnegie said. William James called that wish a “craving.”

If you want to energize your team to adapt to what’s required in 2015, and if you’d like to see others feel good about themselves and be able to envision greater opportunities, then give them sincere appreciation, especially at Christmas. Write a genuine message of appreciation or recognition in their cards. Speak about them at your Christmas party, and watch them glow! Your words can make a big difference. And, of course at home, do the same to your children, spouse, father, mother, in-laws, and friends. Watch what happens to you and to them as a result. A Merry Christmas wish is fine, but my suggestion is to take it further.

Receiving appreciation arouses enthusiasm in anyone.

Another suggestion: call a customer, just to tell them sincerely how much you value their business – and add what it is that you like about them. The point is … capture the spirit and do it sincerely. Spirit is overlooked in our busy, sometimes narcissistic business world.

The second most memorable action I’d suggest is that you genuinely listen to others. Hear them – try to understand who they are and what’s important to them. Don’t interrupt to tell people about something you did or something else about yourself. Just listen. Again, watch what happens. People aren’t used to others listening to them that well. That alone is a great gift.
• Create the spirit of Christmas. Tell at least three employees, friends, or family members what you appreciate about them, why you say it, and give them an example. You’ll be creating a Merry Christmas for yourself and others you care about. Better yet, make this your secret of success in 2015. Continually provide sincere appreciation to your customers and employees.
• Genuinely listen to better understand them, and do not interrupt – except to ask questions.

I hope you create a wonderful time with your family, friends, and loved ones over the holidays.DCBG Team - December 2015

Make time to relax, recharge, and laugh a lot. I’m looking forward to engaging you in the New Year about managing the challenges of building your business, your team, and yourself.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 from all of us at the Dale Carnegie Business Group!

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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