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How To Be More Successful During These Warm Days

by Kevin D. Crone

June 6, 2016
Butterfly by Dave Mather

1) Figuring out how businesses make money, especially the one you are in, is a great place to start.  Over the weekend, a few of my friends, who are quite successful, went with me to open up my cottage.  I was impressed with how quickly each of them zeroed in on the topic of how to have a successful business.  If you brought up problems about any business it was “Hold on, first off, how does the business work?  How does it make money?  Okay, now let’s talk about what needs to be done.” How many working in a business can answer that? Worse yet, how many owners don’t currently know?

The marketplace changes, being current on answering this question gives every conversation a focus that really matters.   We can get so lost in the problems and details of the business, assume a lot, and not really be contributing to the health and well being of the business without realizing it.   As an employee, once you can answer these questions, you would know where and how to contribute. You would subsequently become more valuable and ultimately more dependable and successful.  My suggestion is don’t assume – find out.

2) Working for a great, solid company that has products and services that are required or needed helps. Yet, even if we do, sometimes you have to clearly understand how the products and services work for customers. Then translate it into dialogue internally and with customers.  Again, sticking to the value proposition helps in all conversations, gives focus and enthusiasm and belief for the products/services and business. Bring people back to this value proposition when, as it usually will happen, people get lost in nit-picking customers or each other. Customers don’t care what you know. They want to know you care.  Employees can forget that sometimes.  Operations don’t matter as much as customer-focus, even though if you overheard most conversations, you would think it does.  Again, stand for the customer. You will win if they do!

3) Most importantly, work on yourself.   How come some people just achieve more?  How come they can attract the right staff?  How come they can get so much co-operation? How come they get difficult things done by a committed team when others can’t?  Well, they study achievement, success and people. They are attractive to others. People want to be like them. They’re usually enthusiastic and committed, and therefore can develop committed people.  In other words, work on yourself.  Study success. Be enthusiastic.  Make commitment more important than anything.  Work on your leadership skills and your ability to deal with and effectively communicate with people.  Work on being a great team player and be respectful.  These are the things you have control of and will give you the greatest return in terms of how to be successful.

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So, work on or better understand the business strategy.  Understand the value proposition.  Be customer focused. Stand for these matters in every conversation. Constantly work on being the person that attracts success.


  • Which of the points above need more focus and improvement?
  • What are you going to do?

Don’t mentally take the summer off.  Be excited about these things. Actually do them.

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone, Chairman
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

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