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How Positive Are You?

by Kevin D. Crone

December 5, 2016

Is it just me, or do you notice more negativity in the world? It’s on social media, television, and even in conversations around the office and with friends.

Do you relate to any of these questions?

  • Do you see people putting down others and their views and enjoy doing it?
  • Do you find it harder to stay positive in a complex world where a lot of old rules and success principles don’t seem to be enough to dampen fears and uncertainty?
  • Do you even bother to have goals when you know it’s harder to achieve them?
  • If you do, how the heck do you believe in your goals when it appears that there’s so much negativity to influence you?
  • Is trying to be more successful and productive an answer out of the past?

These are all questions that cross our mind when we let negativity and fear in. When we feel frightened we can stop thinking positively and start talking differently and it disrupts and distracts us from what we’re creating in our lives. “Be careful”, as Jim Rohn said, “Everyday stand guard at the door of your mind.” When you don’t stand guard, you won’t hear or let in, positive opportunities or solutions.

In other words, you won’t let life in. You could get down way too often (I guess that’s one definition of being unhappy). You won’t see mistakes as problems to be fixed but something that’s terribly wrong with you. You won’t learn much. Instead of following your passion and heart you’ll be worried about what others think or too afraid to fail.

Recently, I was with Don, Mike, another Don, and Jerry, mostly a group of retired Dale Carnegie guys from around North America. After our non-business visit I realized how energized I was. We had fun, were relaxed and the conversation was positive and about how to get the most out of life.They wasted little time complaining, criticizing, being angry, or spreading conspiracy theories.

It occurred to me that they’ve lived their lives that way and their successful businesses are proof of it. We were all blessed to be in a business surrounded by clients who were all trying to improve and our focus was always on helping them achieve. Oh yes, they all had problems from time to time but they always counted their blessings, reminded themselves of why they were in the great business they were in, took stock of reality, retooled, improved and moved on. Always. It took a couple slaps on the head from time to time but they allowed inspiration and new ideas in.

They believed in inspiration daily, constant improvement as being the answer, and accepted themselves, the good and bad. They said no to most things that robbed their time and attention, and made a practice of always focusing up so that they could create momentum. They couldn’t control everything that was going on but could control their focus and attention.

Now that could sound like you in your best of times doesn’t it? Nothing is stopping us from being like that over and over even today. We just have to remind ourselves to shed chronic negative people, to not join in disabling conversations, and to think and talk optimistically during our days. The formula is, “Think it and talk it and you will be it.” In other words what you think about determines what you talk about and therefore creates the actions you take.

So don’t let thoughts of fear turn into worry as it’s nothing but a negative emotion caused by our imagination. We can all remind ourselves of our blessings daily, be with energizing groups and let in inspiration from many sources if that’s what we want.




What are you going to do this week to be more positive and productive?

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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