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How many of you are learners?

by Kevin D. Crone

January 14, 2019
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What percentage of employees in an organization would improve on their own? What I mean is who would take a course or coaching, or even study from a book without it being mandated by the company? How many take notes, write down what it means to them, what they are going to implement, how and when? Well the old stats I have say about 13%. What is the percentage today? Are employees more or less engaged? Are they feeling more entitled or less? Are they studying more, learning more, or are they doing less? What do you think?

From my years of experience helping individuals and organizations change, rarely do employees, managers, or even CEO’s look at themselves. They typically blame circumstances or others. For example, few would ever reflect on what there is about them that causes the results they get. Yet it makes sense to assume that those who work on themselves as well as their jobs, become the most knowledgeable, competent and attract opportunity and advancement. They are more capable of seeing reality and dealing with people successfully. Those hard-working people who don’t grow tend not to be open to reality and get stuck in their mind how things are, instead of learning how to create the world they want.

Yes, it is easy to get stuck when you have a mortgage, bills, kids etc. The world becomes smaller and more repetitive and can be about survival. They take solace from excuses and made up stories. Unfortunately, opportunities can come by and too many who aren’t growing don’t recognize them, let alone act on them.

I led an organization that coached, trained and developed thousands of success minded people and executive teams for a long time. What those people all had in common was they were always learning. Sure, it can be hard at times to change, but so what! Struggling is hard too. Successful business people took their business strategy seriously. They actually gave it some continual thought. It mattered that they matched up with what the market wanted. They were into dialogues with clients and into market trends to learn how to help their clients be more successful. They constantly developed a business strategy. They didn’t let the market manipulate them. Then they determined how to make their business offering relevant and valuable. And they were working on themselves and their teams so they could deliver it.

They looked at themselves and said, “What is there about me as a leader, marketer, boss, or team member that needs improvement?”

So, congratulate yourself. You are a learner. You are willing to grow. You keep asking why! You keep asking big questions in conversations. Your opinions don’t matter when you are listening. You buy lunch for a successful person who is mastering what you want to master. You listen. Make notes. And remember, action is all there is. Few pull the trigger on many important things. Successful people do. Failing isn’t their problem and they do fail because nothing ever works… especially forever. Lack of action is the problem.

So, play a bigger game. Determine how to make your business more relevant. Help your customers succeed. Be a Builder of your team. Be a producer! Again, it is not what is happening – it is what you are becoming. If you are always doing these things you are attracting the success you deserve.

What occurred to you about you this morning?

Have a great week.

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
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