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For Things to Change, We Have to Change

by Kevin D. Crone

September 1, 2014

I just got back from the wonderful lower French River Delta with my family. I was up there during the anniversary of the beginning of the First World War and I was reading about some of its history.
Family Photo-Aug2014
The First World War was fought with modern weapons but with old fashioned tactics from Generals who didn’t realize how these new weapons changed the way war could be taught and fought.  So much tragedy resulted from fighting over a few miles in trenches. Ten percent of our population went to war and one percent never came back.

So it is today.  We do things from an old paradigm even when we have new tools. I guess it will always be that way.  There is so much advancement in the tools to communicate with each other, new sales strategies have been identified, new sales management practices, better marketing tools, leadership skills have been written and talked about by many authors.

How to create change is normal conversation today, how to engage employees is common knowledge and how to be financially smart is there for everyone on the internet or in books.  How to enjoy healthy living for you and me is clear.  It’s all there.  Training and coaching is all there.

Yet, things are still sluggish in the economy. There is a lot of pressure to produce, worry about the business and our careers, low margins, family debt and risk adverse buyers. Are we adjusting? Do we realize that the tools are there to help us change things? Yes, we need to accept reality but look at what we can improve. And get at it!

After the depression of the 20’s the world woke up to self-improvement and realized you can create the business and life you want. Dale Carnegie was a leader of this thinking. After the Second World War, our North American economies boomed.  Canada has tripled its population since the First World War. We became a force in the world. Things do change and we learn from them.  Eventually we wake up and see things differently.  We strategize, set new goals, put in lots of effort and enthusiasm and take advantage of the tools, resources and knowledge available.  We seek opportunities instead of reacting to problems.  We create a new vision for ourselves our businesses and away we go!

As we get ready for the fall, let’s remember that life doesn’t always go the way we want it to go. It just goes. We adjust, examine what we can change, and get going.  Very little is terminal.

Business today can seem like a war. It’s tough. It can hurt. In normal times, old thinking, strategies, processes and behaviours were enough.  Let’s also remember that for things to change for us, we have to change Those who do, their businesses will boom. Careers will be made better. Lives will be enriched.

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Let’s take a stand for what we want, who we want to become, and what we are excited about. Let’s think through the reality of what’s going on, and how we need to adjust to get there.

What tools are available that will help?

We are never guaranteed results but we’ll probably be in a better position than our competition that is coasting, believing things will change on their own.  We will be awake and open to see what’s possible. And again, with effort and focus, we can turn around what needs to be turned around.  We have a great big beautiful place to live and work and opportunity is waiting to be created and realized.

Today, we can really look into the eyes of one our grandkids and children or other loved ones.  We can listen to a family member – I mean really listen.  There is nothing better. Happiness is there. You can see your town like never before. Appreciate ice cream. You can visit other places. The world is still amazing. Yes, there are worries but, generally, all is good. Take a deep breath. Now let’s rethink, adjust and advance towards our goals!

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Chairman, Dale Carnegie Business Group
kdcrone@dalecarnegie.ca or 905-826-7300 / 1-800-361-2032

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