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Communication is more than a fleeting thought at Wheels, Inc.

by Judi Pattison

December 30, 2012

Louise Clune knows that not everyone is a natural when it comes to delivering presentations.

But with encouragement and good coaching, Louise believes we can all learn to communicate with more confidence, and that translates into clearer and more effective presentations.

Louise credits Dale Carnegie’s® High Impact Presentations Workshop with providing the tools and coaching that have enabled her to more effectively connect with her clients.
In her role as an Account Executive at Wheels, Inc., a company that provides a full range of specialized services to help corporations across North America manage their vehicle fleets, clear and concise communication is of primary importance.

Louise is tasked with helping clients manage the day-to-day operation of their fleets and making sure they’re expectations have been met – or exceeded! She wants to ensure the best possible experience for all of her clients.

“I regularly interact with my customers and it’s critical that I communicate clearly with them. In the past, it was mostly written or over the phone, but as Wheels, Inc. has grown, my role has evolved and I’m meeting face to face with more clients than ever before,” Louise says.

These meetings are taking different forms – large groups, one-on-one appointments, even webcasts – so delivering effective formal presentations has become a priority. To help her achieve success in communication, Louise decided to enroll in Dale Carnegie® High Impact Presentations.

“I was looking for a course that would provide me with tools and strategies for preparing effective professional presentations, but more importantly, would provide coaching on how to deliver those messages clearly and improve my confidence in my presentation skills.”
The Dale Carnegie® workshop did just that.

“The coaching and strategies will be so helpful to me when I prepare future communications and presentations.”

High Impact Presentations also affords the opportunity for participants to review in-class practice presentations on video, giving them a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Louise says the video review allowed her to see and address shortcomings in presentations, but also realize that her communication was more effective than she first believed.

“Thanks to High Impact Presentations, I have a better understanding of my weaknesses – and my strengths.”

About Wheels, Inc.
Wheels, Inc. (www.wheels.com) provides a full range of specialized services to help corporations manage their vehicle fleets. Wheels manages more than 295,000 vehicles in HiNorth America. Its holding company, Frank Consolidated Enterprises, is a $1.6 billion company that currently ranks as the largest privately held fleet management company and one of the largest private companies in North America.

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