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Chaos Should be Regarded as Extremely Good News!

by Kevin D. Crone

January 20, 2014

Let me interrupt your New Year with four insights that could cause you to make better decisions on what to do with your business.

1) Marketing doesn’t work as much as we think it does. Many organizations are trying to be thought-leaders by teaching customers what they should be doing. It isn’t bringing in many new leads or sales. There is too much noise out there. Customers already have too much content. Giving customers helpful tips doesn’t cut it. You need to give your customers unique thoughts that directly impact their performance. Do that, and make sure your perspective leads the customer back to your competences and well-thought out offering. Interrupt their thinking about their priorities and what they are planning to do. It should stop them in their tracks.

2) Oh yeah, you must re-think your offering. Nothing – I mean nothing makes you more competitive than making sure you are what the doctor ordered and you match up with what customers are motivated to buy. Also, refresh your story. What are the problems in your industry? What don’t clients like? Make sure you change a lot of that at a price that is of real value. Then tell a better story using all the channels you can. The very best organizations do this constantly.

3) The traditional problem-solving sales approach just isn’t working like it did. With the help of the Internet, customers research their own problems. They don’t need you to do it. Now they just beat you up with their own buying criteria and price. You need to figure out how to engage your potential customers earlier with provocative research that provides interruptive insights that stop the customers from making mistakes by continuing doing what they are doing. If you are business-to-business sales, you need to pick customers on the way up who are in chaos and have the potential to change, and are willing to act quickly and decisively. Then look for their personal and unrecognized need and tell them before they realize it. You are selling speed. Then, in conversation, tell them what they should do. Become the coach – the advisor. Support them in implementation.

Sell insights. Don’t solution-sell, pitch, be a product pedlar or your friendly, commercial visitor. That stopped working a while ago. Selling is in a quiet revolution. With software used to add value, internal processes in flux, purchasing more aggressive, it has become an interesting time to be in sales.

Sales teams need to be totally linked with marketing and more collaboration is needed. Sales management has changed as well. The old carrot and stick model can’t keep up with the chaos. So, again, mapping out your entire business processes is needed.

4) Leadership, succession planning and engagement have been hot topics, but most companies just don’t handle or build their people well. Companies still can’t get moving fast enough in their world of many moving competing parts. Most training, learning and development are nothing more than events and intellectual exercises modeled after formal education or a particular guru’s thinking. People don’t grow or learn best that way.

Knowledge can get you a job or maybe a better one, but having a success-philosophy while practicing and applying the knowledge under the guidance of a coach until skills and habits stick is what works. Imagine learning how to drive a plane or car from a seminar. Or anything significant like change leadership or implementing innovation or being a strategic leader. Learning by doing with an outside objective competent coach is what works.

What can you do?

Option One: Take most of the year trying to learn more knowledge about these four insights and get people around you interested in exploring them – with little success. Or…

Option Two: Properly engage a team in a well-thought out process with an experienced business design and a team coach.

MMM Action:

Action is all there is. I suggest being a little more aggressive with your approach and taking option number two . You probably are working on a lot of good initiatives but time doesn’t sit still, you need to pull all your ideas and initiatives together so they work better and propel you to new opportunities and growth. You can be a do-it-your-selfer, but it has big drawbacks as we learn with New Year’s resolutions without a structure. Business change is a bit harder than losing a few pounds.

Back in 2008, during the Great Recession, I promised to do whatever I could to use my experience and research to help Canadians fight back. I did this with complimentary Monday Morning Mentors, workshops, webinars, teleconference calls, free coaching, visits to teams to discuss what they are up against and what to do but it’s just not enough.

Recently, a lot of people have asked for implementation coaching and finally I have agreed to do it, just this one time.

Here is a challenge for you.
For this one-time only experience, join me this winter in my business summit series. I will…

  • meet with you up front to set the scope of our work together and then meet monthly for one full day.
  • coach you between the meetings and we will work through what is working in marketing and sales.
  • analyze your offering, what is happening for your customers and work on any necessary changes to your offering, marketing and sales.
  • get you to practice the leadership principles that will lead your company through change, build your future leaders and accelerate your talent development.

You will add innovation to your arsenal.

It is very inexpensive and just covers my costs to my company and doesn’t take up too much time. You implement, not just study how to implement. We will go beyond inspiration and knowledge and go to work on your business.

So get the right help with your business, leadership and people. Call or email me 905-826-7300 and I will answer your questions. See if we match up. If you and I can’t make the changes happen, not much will. If connecting with me is too big a deal than do something else.

The very structure of business has changed. Don’t operate from old contexts and processes. It’s time to pull the trigger on what your business needs.

Have a chaotic week. It means you are realizing what is happening to you and your business.

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300 /1-800-361-2032


A Special Invitation from Kevin D. Crone, Canada’s Monday Morning Mentor…

Don’t forget to join Kevin and other success-minded business people on Tuesday, January 21st to discuss:

  1. How to Innovate and create new wealth
  2. How to build a system that ignites your people to create efficiencies, customer focus and a new way of business

These topics will be under discussion when businesspeople meet at our office with Kevin D. Crone, Canada’s Monday Morning Mentor and senior partner, Troy Treleaven – and we invite you to join us!

Over the years Kevin has delivered inspirational and savvy business advice every Monday morning, shared research findings, provided reports, conducted conference calls and webinars, appeared regularly on the Fox radio network, and offered online, telephone, and in-person coaching sessions. All simply for the asking.

Kevin’s previous small-group session in November opened up a great dialogue on how each participant can design their business so that employees are engaged, leadership is developed and change is managed well.

Igniting Innovation and Team Enthusiasm
Tuesday, January 21st
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Dale Carnegie Center of Excellence
2121 Argentia Road, Suite 103
Mississauga, Ontario

Complimentary to attend

Who Should Attend:
Business Owners, Executives, Senior Managers and Human Resource Professionals interested in learning about current trends and talent management.


Ignite Your Business With Focus and Direction
– Getting it Done!

New Coaching Series offered by: Kevin Crone, Canada’s Monday Morning Mentor

Lately, many of you have asked me for coaching. But, you may not feel you have the budget for it or the time, either. While you’re eager to discuss the future, I know that you can get caught up in reactive day-to-day issues that stop you from really moving forward. So I’m announcing a process for you that will all be about action.

It’s designed to streamline the practice of how to examine your reality about the key elements of your business. You’ll see how to pull these elements together so you can find customers, keep them, and make money from an effective operation with a connected team who are getting better.

“Not possible”, you say? I say it is!

You know your business, you have good people in place, and you’re capable of leading the action required. What this process will do is tug everyone into profitable action.

Here’s how it works.

  • We will quickly review solid business principles of: change management, innovation, business systems design, people development, marketing, sales, and leadership!
  • All this is practical knowledge – you’ll see how to apply it to the clear direction you get from your newly created vision and plan.
  • You’ll get coaching until your plan is  complete and you, your team, and organization are really effective. I’ll take a small group of people who have a little fire in the belly to get better. In just one day a month for four months, we’ll accomplish our goal to wake up our businesses.

This is not a quick fix.  We all know that short-term diets don’t work. Long-term health habits do. Overall, we want you to put in place the systems you need to take you and your team to improved performance now – and set you up for long-term success.

Call or email me to discuss this new coaching system designed for you. I will talk to you in a direct, straightforward way to help you get into action.

Not a Monday Morning Mentor subscriber yet? Email us to subscribe: info@dalecarnegie.ca

Read past issues in the Monday Morning Mentor Blog.

Consider this: Contact us today to speak to one of our coaches about the one or two things you need to change to have a better life/career/business.

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