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Don’t Forget to Say…

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I was reminded of how important it is to say important things to people you care about when I lost two of my best buddies over the last couple of years. I think of them often, as well as my deceased brother and sisters. I have some things to tell them all but I can’t. The best moments in life are usually with family and friends where we appreciate their support and ...

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What Makes you Unmotivated to Improve?

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Lately, a smart and solid business coach made a request and as a result we had a one-on-one mentor session.  He said he seemed to be in sessions with people who expressed that they realize the need to increase their performance and get better but, when it came right down to it, they just don’t do it. He said they seem to be stuck in the normal routine of their lives which takes over, and ...

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We build businesses. Business people build businesses.

We Build Businesses

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Business people build businesses. Highly knowledgeable, technically-oriented people are part of the creative force needed to enable a company to compete and succeed in today’s incredibly changed  business world. The future belongs to enterprises that add value for their customers and support offerings that turn on markets. When young people take over, the emerging connected, collaborative, ...

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Making a List of Things ‘To Do’ is Not Setting Goals

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We often confuse the busyness of today with how to create a good life or a better business. Yes, we’d better work hard, stay focused, do the tough things first, have our lists and get at them until the sun goes down. What’s more important is: Where are we going? What does our business need to do to grow – to get there?  Where do we need to grow? What goals do we need to work ...

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Who Am I Today?

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I am a blank sheet of art paper today. No one can tell you or I that we can’t create a good day to add to a great life. Sure, so many years in business and my past times have me recalling past victories, great family times, loving grand kids, some financial success, great friends and great relationships. This all gives me spirit to continue to: • create and set new goals • see problems ...

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Are We Communicating Better?

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With all the ways to conveniently give others information, are we actually communicating better? Are these ways actually improving our business? Are these new tools building the capacity of our people to perform better? Technology has changed the world and we should keep up to the cool, ever-changing tools if we want to operate effectively and get in step with the world as it is, but, ...

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What Does it Take to Have One of Your Best Years?

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                Business has many moving parts. It’s often difficult getting them all working. In your best years it seems to happen. What does it take? I was asked that question last week while walleye fishing with some seasoned businessmen.  It’s the time of the year to get geared up again. I suggested the following five proactive actions. ...

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How Leaders Learn – Part Two

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              How do you attract, build, and retain leaders so that you can compete successfully in the marketplace?  How do you invigorate your leadership training and development initiatives? These were a couple of key questions our worldwide organization asked human resource professionals and managers recently, as part of our research project.  The ...

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Creating Spectacular Talent – Part One

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This week’s Monday Morning Mentor covers critical understandings on the path to superior leadership skills, including: Creating spectacular talent to ensure that your business has the capacity to hit stretch goals and compete during periods of change. Waking up your training initiatives to produce results. Why leadership and leadership continuity (succession planning) are so important. The ...

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Secret to Success - Final

Waking Up a Business Means Waking Up the Little-Known Secret to Success…

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It is puzzling to study business and try to determine the best path to achieve personal success as I have for 48 years – and then realize that knowing what to do isn’t as important as we make it out to be. Yet, you and I are constantly looking for answers. We think that when we find them, everything will be better. Really? Applying what we already know is what really matters. Why is ...

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Just for Today!

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Whoa….. Monday again!  Sunday, I just finished all the stuff that went into planning this years fishing trip with my old pals.  Getting there, the banter, fixing one of the boats and the dock. Oh yes, the fishing, the meals, the packing and cleaning up and the long drive home Sunday from the Northern Ontario island, on the beautiful French River.  And it will be over in a flash! Seems ...

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Disruption….The World Needs More Canada

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Recently, I gave a one-hour presentation in Boston to a group of business people from around the world, who are part of a 104 year old company. I was asked to disrupt their thinking about how to grow in this chaotic business world.  In my presentation, I reviewed the 60’s, 70’s and every decade up to now, as to what it was like doing business then and now, in order to reveal changes, ...

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