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Are You Going to Keep Up?

by Kevin D. Crone

June 5, 2017
Are you going to keep up

Political turmoil in the world? Yup.  Brexit, Trump, Le Pen…. Where did all that come from? What pushed people to go for dramatic change?

Business turmoil? Yup. Globalization , acceleration in technology and its addition to practically every product, the innovation and dominance of data management which is driving marketing and business decisions. And, if you think machines are smart, just wait a year. Driverless cars are not that far out.  It’s a difficult to believe, non-workable, and weird thought. They will be a common reality soon.

What does all this mean to us in the world of work and business? Well it sure creates anxiety to those in conventional, seemingly stable careers, and to those who spent years getting a degree in any study, or to our young people heading off to expensive college/ university expecting what they learn will last for forty years in a multiplicity of great careers and paying jobs.

Why the anxiety? We fear we can’t make the income and secure the career we want. So, we do what’s natural and wind up blaming government, globalization and many big, over-simplified theories about complicated concepts we really don’t fully understand and subsequently support any movement that promises big change. Any change, except the one that matters the most – the change in ourselves that is needed so we can keep up in this fast-moving turmoil.

During the early nineties when Ontario was reeling in a terrible recession, my successful friend and a board member of our company, Stu Scott, talked to our team at a new-year kick off meeting about how to survive and thrive despite tough times, poor governments, etc.   He said university degrees are good for getting a job but keeping one and/or building wealth was about continuous personal growth and learning. He added that few people learn much after university.  He was talking to our group, who were committed to helping people and companies develop strategies and skills and confidence so they can grow and increase performance and results. Even this group needed to take his advice personally if we were collectively to grow our business. But that was a long time ago when the world wasn’t spinning so fast.

I’m reminded of Robert DeNiro’s quote, “You talking to me?” It’s tough to realize that what we see in the world comes from our own views, filters, prejudices, perceptions and rationalizations . It’s easier to see the problems of the world not impacting us and not as our problem or doing. The hard truth is: the only one you can control and change is you.  The best most profitable move is to improve you.

The truth is every job demands more skill and now continuous growth and learning. The truth is more and more people can’t keep up. My car mechanic, Alli, is fixing a computer on wheels today. He’s not just a grease monkey. To succeed you have to take control and not wait for your company or government to change things for you (good luck if that is your strategy).

To keep learning, you need to be self-motivated and accept that you don’t know what’s needed. Then, keep assessing what’s going on, what you and your business need, to find the knowledge and develop the strategies required.  Most of us confuse knowledge with skill. You will get rewarded for the application of knowledge and skills, not just knowledge alone. To develop the skills through practice and the development of the right habits. To take coaching so you practice specific principles over and over.

Take it from me and my many years in this field, it begins with your ‘want to’ attitude.  If you’re putting off any kind of training or development, think of what you’re doing to your career, income potential, or business.

So… how are you going to keep up?

Have a great week!

Kevin D. Crone
Dale Carnegie Business Group
(905) 826-7300

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