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Are we doomed?

by Kevin D. Crone

October 15, 2018
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What you read and see over and over on television, on-line and on social media can make you believe that we are doomed, that things are bad everywhere and change isn’t probable. For example:

  • Less than 20% of diets work. (Headline yesterday)
  • 50% of North Americans are overweight or obese. (Three days ago)
  • Vicious, bad drugs are killing people all over the world. (We are lost)
  • Most gyms are empty by February.  (We are unfit)
  • The digital phone obsession has caused people to be less competent in dealing with people. (Yesterday news on-line)
  • The so called most powerful person on earth is a disaster at dealing with people leading to a massive world argument. (Daily)

And on and on it goes. Bad news attracts readers and listeners for the media. With this quick information world we are in it really comes at us massively, by the minute. Unfortunately, the bad news could make us feel powerless to improve. Why bother? We could feel doomed. We could create an attitude more attuned to failure if we don’t watch it.

Of course, feeling doomed is nonsense. There is good news too. There are lots of advancements in the world. There is still a tremendous opportunity to do well in Ontario for those who practice success principles. Those principles are prevalent too. Whether it is health, finances, careers, whatever. Whether we practice these or not, they are available. As usual, it is always up to us. Some read a mentor or an article and take notes and plan to act. Most don’t. What is clear is that most successful people always have a plan, go for it, have ups and downs, and keep learning AND KEEP GOING. Maybe the gyms are emptier because many of us choose not to practice these principles. You may think it is too difficult to be physically fit or healthy, more financially fit, or better at managing, leading, selling, communicating, etc. For you it is! Regardless, there are people who do improve and literally change their lives despite all the bad news and challenges in the world.

In 21 days you may not be able to solve climate change, or win 10 million dollars or change your in-laws or impact world politics, but you could lose 10 lbs by just eating healthy. You could walk three or four times a week for 20 – 30 minutes and feel less stressed and have more energy. You could stop drinking as much. You could enrol in a habit building behaviour course which is not beneath you. I have coached many multi- millionaires and/or brilliant people in different habit building programs many times. It isn’t a mystery that they are the ones looking to improve. They make personal improvement synonymous with business development.

The point is that it is not what happens to us. It is really about what we do about our world that matters. It’s about choice. We lack little. Nothing can stop us but us. It seems that a minority of people design their lives and the rest don’t and mediocrity is their plight. You don’t have to settle. From watching and talking to successful people in my work for over 50 years I came to the conclusion that successful people think differently. As a result, they talk differently. They read different things. It all comes from the way they see life. It is their perspective and attitude. They have dreams, goals and keep going despite what a newscaster is broadcasting. They accept responsibility for their life and persist and persist.

Motivation just gets you started! Habits make you successful. Habits come from consistently doing the things that unsuccessful people won’t do. Well don’t say you can’t form new habits because you have created many of them, just not all the right ones.

It’s easy. Just figure out from study, research and the interviews of successful people the behaviours that attract success then practice them once a month. If you want to be good and valuable in the marketplace take some coaching in a supportive environment. Knowing is not doing. Coaching comes after you do something. Coaching can correct bad habits, hold you accountable and keep you on track. I found in my work that few realized their potential until they received coaching in a habit developing course or personal coaching and experience how much better and different they are. Then it snowballs.

So anyone can improve and it is never too late. What’s your next move?

Have a great week