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Accelerated Talent Development #7: Why Body Language Matters to Your Customers

by Kevin Robert Crone

June 23, 2014

Why Body Language Matters to Your Customers


I learned a valuable lesson this week – just how important body language is to both you and your customers by a simple demonstration by Gary Collins the President of 4 Growth. I am positive you and your sales team will want to see it with your own eyes.

Gary is a master sales executive and change management expert that helps companies at two critical points in their life cycle, when they have a great product and need to accelerate revenue growth, and when the principle owner is starting to consider selling or passing management to the next generation.

In less than three minutes he brought real value by demonstrating how critical it is to master body language and self management to win more sales. It is not something the seasoned pro won’t know but it is something we don’t do as often as we should.

Bringing value every time you talk to a customer is the sign of someone who really understands how to maximize sales in today’s market.

In one minute he reminds us of the importance of taking control through; the way we dress, when we sit or stand, in a meeting, how we must use eye contact and how to silently solicit repeated nods of agreement throughout the presentation, so everyone in the room begins to nod agreement and reinforce the potential success of the sale.

In the second minute or he reminds us just how much the world has changed in just the last five years, why sales are tougher today, and exactly why we need a new method of selling.

If you are looking for a plan to better engage your customers and grow your team call me at 905 826 7300 x 328 and we can chat.

You will be impressed with what we have learned about improving sales over the last few years and how valuable the lessons of Dale Carnegie still are today. Our customers are reporting dramatic and sustained changes in their results. Of course this thrills and humbles us.

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Best Success!

Kevin R. Crone, President, Dale Carnegie Training®
Founder of Accelerated Talent Development, Performance and Profits
Contact me at 905-826-7300 x 328 or krcrone@dalecarnegie.ca

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