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Accelerated Talent Development #3: Ignite Their Passion

by Kevin Robert Crone

April 14, 2014

Ignite their Passion – Then you really have Something!

What do we want most in our careers? – To contribute, grow and prosper (and a little recognition wouldn’t hurt either).

What do companies want most in their employees? – To be fully and eagerly engaged, to be awake to opportunities and customer needs, and to discover ways to grow and fulfill these needs more seamlessly and efficiently every day.

Seems we both want the same things. To learn and progress. It is instilled in our genes and nurtured from the time we are born.

We are most alive when we are learning and growing. Our kids are a living proof of that. They are the best at it, are made for it, and cannot be stopped. They actively try to understand their world by examining it with constant little tests using all their senses – surprisingly in ways quite similar to scientists – by questioning, forming hypothesis, and proving these hypotheses about how things really are.

Three-year-olds learn a new word every 90 minutes, and at the age of five, children know, not only thousands of words, but also the complex grammar that governs their use. At the same time they are learning to control their vocal cords, their hand eye coordination, and balance.

Imagine how fast your company could innovate, adapt, and create meaningful new products and processes if you  could re-ignite and harness your team’s inner  insatiable desire to experiment, hypothesize, learn and refine.

For a company to succeed, at the very least “everyone must have a personal development plan.” says Glem Dias, Talent Strategist.

A plan for each employee that allows, inspires, and nurtures their professional contribution and growth is one of the best investments and one of the most under leveraged investments available today. It generates engagement, enthusiasm, discovery, continuous improvement and loyalty.

This tool gets people to reflect on their aspirations and needs. It has them align their personal success with the company’s success. Their development targets are then in the context of the companies needs – aligning the two and creating new possibilities for both that will increase their strengths and increase their contribution and value.

Dale Carnegie himself realized this over 100 years ago. He immediately saw how when organizations provided an opportunity for their people to learn stretch and grow, the company did as well.

In the end it brought him to the realization that the most critical learning needs to be “fostered” not simply taught. Transforming a management and leadership team is more difficult today than ever but it also generates a significantly greater return to the individual, to the company and its shareholders.

Do you have a plan?

In what ways can you ignite your teams learning and passions today?


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Best Success!

Kevin R. Crone, President, Dale Carnegie Training®

Founder of Accelerated Talent Development, Performance and Profits.

Contact me at 905-826-7300 x 328 or krcrone@dalecarnegie.ca

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