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Accelerated Talent Development #14: Want to Lead?

by Kevin Robert Crone

October 10, 2014


Want to Lead?
Be Careful What You Wish For.
John Zettler brings more than 15 years of human resource experience to the challenge of better leadership we all share. He has invested his skills and energies and debated leadership with some of our country’s best leaders. Through this, he has refined a style of management that focuses on leadership conviction, authenticity and caring as the cornerstones of a more nuanced set of management skills we can all benefit from.

He brings a wealth of research and experience as he advocates for a more caring style of leader that listens more carefully to his team’s dreams and aspirations and places them at least equal to the company’s fiscal or project goals.

He admits this takes a lot more time and effort when we’re already stretched, but presents a compelling case that without it, we can’t form the passionate culture we need in our organizations to succeed in this lean environment we’re facing.

He doesn’t profess to have any easy solutions to the challenge of balancing leadership and nurturing others with today’s very real demands, in fact, he says because it’s hard, is the very reason our best leaders are so energized and motivated. He argues the challenge this provides can provide an immense rush of intrinsic motivation that necessitates a new approach to work life balance.

Instead of balance in our life, he challenges us to a new style of work life blending that both gives us:

  1. The rush of seeing our people grow and prosper in a company that truly cares about them and their dreams.
  2. The time and focus to also contribute the same level of passion to the needs of our families.

To hear the insights we captured in three minutes of his own words, click here.


If you would like to join a deeper discussion or hear a fuller version of the interview, please give me a call: 905.826.7300 x 328 and I’ll send you the longer version of our talk and invite you to a private briefing for a small group of leaders devoted to being the very best leaders we can be. There is no charge for this private round table discussion because we expect you to contribute as much as you will get.

I’m confident you’ll find it stimulating and rewarding. We are scheduling two dates in November before the Christmas rush, so you can start your new year with new insights, energy and focus.

We are looking forward to your input.

If you want to improve your team’s performance or your personal leadership skills, give me a call: 905.826.7300 x 328 and we can chat.

If you would like to hear the Insights of Canada’s top leaders in Talent Development click here and every two weeks we’ll send you their insights in their own words.

Best Success!

Kevin R. Crone, President, Dale Carnegie Training®
Founder of Accelerated Talent Development, Performance and Profits.
Contact me at 905-826-7300 x 328 or krcrone@dalecarnegie.ca


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