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Accelerated Talent Development #10: A Passion to be Different – By Design

by Kevin Robert Crone

August 11, 2014

A Passion to be Different – By Design


Ellis Don is consistently and amazingly successful. They are different from most companies by design and refine this difference every day. They have annual revenue in excess of $3 billion with over $11 billion in projects under construction in more than 15 countries including Dubai, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Chile. They are also ranked as #2 in Canada’s Top 50 Employers and make it a key performance indicator year in and year out. They have come a long way since their beginning in a midsize Ontario town 60 years ago.

They believe in being different in a strikingly different way.

“If we focus on the employee experience and provide exciting opportunities to learn, stretch and grow; all the rest will unfold. – Geoff Smith, President Ellis Don

They want to keep their employees for the lifespan of their career and have set up their recruiting, hiring, training, and advancement systems specifically with this in mind. They don’t just believe that taking care of their employees and suppliers will result in better customer service; they have made it a core success strategy. They expect leadership from every one of their people, at every level and in every role and have put a detailed self awareness program in place for every level of employee to give their people the tools to deliver on this expectation.

When you expect miracles, you get them and when you ask people to work outside their comfort zone you need to give them a lifeline. You need to give them time to gather their energy and regain their balance, keep themselves grounded, and reconfirm who they really are and what they need.

Mary Grace Truchan is not just the Manager, Learning & Development but also their champion for employee growth. She has taken Ellis Don’s passion to be different to the next level. It’s a unique program and the key strategy in their success. Even with over 17 years devoted to better human performance, I was amazed at the level of commitment to their people.

And they haven’t stopped there… They are now taking this same commitment to their suppliers through their Supplier Bill of Rights, a key program created and championed by their President.

Success is critical and must be shared with customers, suppliers, and employees if it is to flourish.

A lot of companies are working on employee branding to strengthen the delivery of their values and mission and attract and keep the best. Ellis Don is mastering it.

Through our collaboration with MSW Research we know the vital importance of effective leadership in building teams that can outperform the competition by over 200% and have developed an even better understanding of what it takes to fully engage employees to work together effectively, stay with their company and act as ambassadors for their organization attracting people who share their values and passions.

If you want a better insight into what it takes to fully engage your employees to work together effectively, stay with your company and act as ambassadors for the organization attracting people who share their values and passions, give me a call at 905 826 7300 x 328 and we can chat.

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Best Success!

Kevin R. Crone, President, Dale Carnegie Training®
Founder of Accelerated Talent Development, Performance and Profits
Contact me at 905-826-7300 x 328 or krcrone@dalecarnegie.ca

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