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3 Insights to Help you Determine what Makes you More Valuable

by admin

April 3, 2017


You are normal if you are standing up for your success and happiness more than anyone else’s, even your organization ‘s. As a matter of fact, research says only 35% of Canadians are engaged in their company. Their hearts and minds aren’t in it. The opportunity, then, to getting ahead is to become more engaged and valuable to your company and the marketplace. If you do, you will stand out. You will be appreciated and be of value. An old saying states, “The market pays you what you are worth.”  Be worth more!

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After the basic job knowledge and doing what has to be done every day, here is a list of insights that will help you determine what makes you more valuable.

A) Organizations are faced with waking up their business in a competitive, tough, and ever-changing marketplace.

Things aren’t the same and as a result organizations value those:

  • who inquire into what the changes are, try to understand them and give insights into where they can help
  • who participate or form learning teams and participate with influence
  • who can really get how the business works and where it is going so they know how to contribute
  • who can tell compelling stories about what has to be done and why, as well as interrupting people’s thinking

B) Organizations are faced with a shortage of leadership that can influence people to advance the business.

Most people are too reserved, passive, argumentative, or hide behind their screens.  The opening here is to focus on leading others and:

  • connecting to different people or cultures
  • showing relevance of their answers to questions
  • sell the offering and story of the business everywhere
  • arouse enthusiasm without title, position or power
  • influencing in virtual teams

C) It’s a public world of presentations, meetings, public forums, and debates.

Those who stand out:

  • speak freely, express their thoughts, and overcome anxieties that have to do with how they are perceived by other people
  • don’t hide behind iPads
  • sell the story of the business to customers or on the inside
  • know how the clients operate and what they want
  • know how to function and influence a team
  • lead issues that have been identified as important
  • control their stress and are cool under fire
  • continually exhibit enthusiasm about goals
  • connect to different cultures for international trade
  • exhibit business acumen

How about you? Are you an engaged, leader, team influencer and connected communicator?




Reboot your leadership!

Here are 6 things you can act on now:

  1. Engage in your business and how it works and where it is going
  2. Get better at being a coach and an influencer with teams, groups, and individuals.
  3. Re-read: “How to Win Friends and Influence People“.  It is a classic, and still is a worldwide top seller. This book includes thirty-seven most important influencer skills the world has ever seen.
  4. Find a structured training program that forces you to practice over and over, your leadership, communications and coaching skills. Don’t kid yourself – you can’t be a better leader without practice over a few months until skills stick and habits are formed. Real habits and behaviours don’t change just from inspiration and knowledge alone.
  5. Expand your comfort zone, do the things that make you uncomfortable and it will help you become more competent at many business situations.
  6. Work on your habits to control stress, your attitude and ability to be enthusiastic in business situations.

Take these actions and you will look and be more engaged, and valuable.